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Click Translator 5.1

Provides instant translation of your selected text in 12 major languages
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Click Translator is an ingenious program that helps us translate texts from one language to another using shortcut keys. It gives us an option of translating texts to twelve different languages, using online translation services. The whole process is very simple: we only need to select a piece of text and then hit the predefined hotkey to translate the text to the specified language.

The user interface is very well designed, with all the options clearly framed out. We can control the transparency level of the program's interface, so that we can continue our work without being disturbed. We can also find a button to minimize it to the system tray so that it can run in the background. We have an option to freeze all activities during translation, and wait for the translation results to appear before resuming with our work. Another very handy option is that we can copy translated text to the clipboard and then paste it anywhere for further use. There is also a log feature that helps us to keep track of all the translations made. All in all, it is a very handy one-click translator practically for everyone.

Manoj Goel
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  • One-click multi-language translator
  • User-defined hot keys
  • Transparency control feature
  • Can copy translated results to clipboard


  • Some translations are faulty as some words go unrecognized
  • Needs an Internet connection to retrieve translation results
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